You must have clean golf clubs!

The most overlooked thing by amateur players is having clean golf clubs. They just go out and hit the ball and don’t think anything of it. It’s most evident when they’re practicing at the range or at their home course. They just stand there and hit ball after ball, day after day on the same dirty clubface. What they don’t realize is that they’re hindering their chance for lower scores.

How can you lower your scores by simply cleaning your golf clubs you ask? It’s actually very simple. If you have clean golf clubs you can make better contact with the ball. This allows the clubs to do what they are designed to do without any interference from grass, sand, or mud on the face.

You must have clean golf clubs!

Since golf is a game about battling the elements, the golfer needs all the help they can get. You deal with the hot sun, a quick summer shower, and even a little mud or wet grass on your shoes. All these weather conditions can wreak havoc on your body let alone your golf clubs.

It’s easy for you to shower and clean up, but your golf clubs can’t! You have to clean them as much as possible. If you do they will perform better, last longer, and help keep you clean by keeping you on the short grass!

What’s the best way to clean them?

There are two ways to clean your golf clubs: 1) You can buy a golf club cleaning kit from just about any pro shop. 2) You can also easily do it yourself at home or at the course. Let’s look at how to do it yourself. Here’s what you will need,

* A plastic bucket
* Mild dishwashing detergent
* An old toothbrush or non-wire bristle brush
* A clean towel or rag

Let’s clean!

1) First, fill the bucket with a little detergent and warm water so it becomes sudsy. Add enough water to the bucket to cover the heads of the clubs.

2) Second, submerge only the clubheads in the water, making sure no to get the ferrules wet because this will damage the finish. Soak the clubheads for a few minutes to help loosen the dirt, oils, or remaining chemicals that may be stuck in the grooves of the club.

3) Next, scrub each of the clubs individually with the soft or medium bristled non-wire brush to remove all the dirt, grass stains, or any other debris that might be on the clubface. If you have difficulty getting it off the first time, just soak and scrub the clubs again.

4) Now, rinse the clubs off with water form your garden hose outside or a sink faucet if you are inside. Try your best to not get the shafts wet when doing this.

5) Finally check over the clubheads to make sure the grooves are dirt free. Then dry them of with a clean towel or rag. That’s it you’re done.

Now you can enjoy playing the game with the added confidence of knowing your clubs are nice and clean. Clean golf clubs produce a better ball flight with more spin to stop the ball closer to the hole. Play well!