Stylish Women’s Golf Clothing Can Make You Look Like a Million Dollars

Women’s golf clothing cannot be pigeonholed into any one category. While you can find women’s golf clothes that are elegant and sophisticated, you can also find women’s golf attire that ranges from sporty and fun to cute or sexy. Whoever said ladies golf clothes were boring?

Brief History of Ladies Golf Apparel

When you talk golf you often talk handicap. Interestingly, the original lady golfer’s handicap was their clothing! When golf was first introduced in the US in the 1870’s, golf country clubs were the place for the young women and men of high society to socialize. Even though women played golf, it was very important for them to retain their highly fashionable feminine attire.

Before long however, ladies began to wear womens golf attire that was more comfortable and allowed them to play a better game. By the 1890’s the skirts women wore for playing golf were hemmed about 6″ off the ground rather than the ground level hem for everyday dresses. Blouses still caused problems since the sleeves were too tightly fitted to allow a good, full swing. And even though hems were raised, the clubs often caught in the full skirt fabric and often ruined the shot.

Stylish Women's Golf Clothing Can Make You Look Like a Million Dollars

1904 was a year of improvements in ladies golf clothes. A “raisable” skirt was manufactured to enable the wearer to raise the skirt with a drawstring about 8″ above ground. Around this time the Free-Stroke Coat was introduced. This coat was designed with sleeves that moved with the woman’s arms as she golfed. Around 1915 jersey knit became the fabric of choice for ladies golf blouses and skirts. Also at this time, pleats were added to the skirt and blouse back to give the woman more range of movement.

By 1921 some women wore knickers to play golf. However, country clubs refused to allow women wearing knickers on their premise. The late 1950’s saw the slow acceptance of women wearing Bermuda styled shorts on the course but most women still wore dresses.

As hemlines crept closer and closer to the waist in the 1960’s skorts became hi-fashion on the green. A skort is simply a pair of shorts with a panel of fabric sewn over the front in such a way that it looks like a skirt from the front and shorts from the back. The skort was comfortable, covered all the vital body parts and looked great.

Modern Womens Golf Clothes

Today, most womens golf clothes include around shorts, slacks, and skorts. Recently, the donning of golf dresses has enjoyed a small revival. They are similar to tennis dresses only in a wide array of colors. Modern golf dresses are generally made of fabrics that combine knit and Lycra for comfort and fit. Ladies, we have come a long way!

Today when ladies grab their clubs and head out to play a round of golf, they have many options for golf clothing and accessories. Many athletic companies bring out new lines of golf apparel annually. Not all parts of the country open their courses at the same time; northern climate courses open much later than southern courses. Golf apparel stores also get their stock according to expected course openings in their area. If you are looking and cannot find the attire you desire, go online to any of the numerous golf retailers to find golf clothing year round.

Fashionable Womens Golf Attire

Fashion on the fairway is a fickle character; it changes from year to year. This season fashion includes golf dresses with special convenient features such as tee holders built into the short sleeves, large pockets for extra balls and a glove loop to attach your glove. This year flattering form fit skirts, finely tailored slacks and tops that walk the line between being “sexy yet functional” lead the fashion parade on the golf course.

Stylish Women's Golf Clothing Can Make You Look Like a Million Dollars

Accessories such as shoes, eye catching hats and belted pouches to store your tees, scorecards and other essentials are as important as the outfit you chose to wear for the day. Anything to make your day go better is sure to improve your game.