Augusta Golf Pictures, The Perfect Gift For A Golf Fanatic!

The below is a letter from my wife, Carolee. In it, she talks about a time when she was desperate to find the perfect gift for a certain golf fanatic that she was fond of… and the success she had with Augusta golf pictures.

Hi, everyone!

Augusta Golf Pictures, The Perfect Gift For A Golf Fanatic!

If you’ve got someone in your life who just loves golf, then you know what an ordeal it can be to gift shop for them. You know what they love (probably because it’s all they ever talk about!), and you want to get them something that you know they’ll enjoy and which honors their passion and who they are as a fan of the game.

However, as you well know, most golf fans stay on top of all the latest developments. Chances are good that the moment a new gadget or toy is announced to the golfing world, they’ve already ordered it for themselves… and forgotten about it less than a week later, leaving it to gather dust.

Augusta Golf Pictures, The Perfect Gift For A Golf Fanatic!

I’d had this happen to me all too often, so when my husband John’s birthday rolled around, I was determined to get him something that he’d really love, something the likes of which he’d never had before, and which he would enjoy for years to come instead of for just a few days. With this in mind, I did one of the wisest things that a gift shopper can probably do… I asked him about it! Click here to learn more about Golf equipment

Let me just say that John’s face is right there in the dictionary next to the entry for “golf fanatic”. Not a week goes by without him going out there on the green, maintain the low single-digit handicap that he’s so proud of. It’s no exaggeration to say that John lives and breathes golf; he’s the publisher of, he’s played competitively before, and he even named our dog Daly! So I knew right away that if there was a perfect golf gift out there somewhere, he’d know about it.

As it turns out, John did have a gift idea in mind already (big surprise!). When he showed it to me, I knew right away that it really was the perfect gift, and I only wished I had found it myself so that it would have been a surprise. What he showed me was the amazing collection of golf art and prints that are available on

We strolled past a number of great gift ideas, and I smiled as he excitedly talked about each one he liked: a nicely framed print of the Azalea Golf Hole at Augusta, an action shot of the Master’s Golf Tournament Winner Gary Player teeing off, the Augusta challenge, and even the famous 11th hole there.

It was great to hear the excitement growing in his voice as he talked about the hallowed grounds of Augusta National, from the clubhouse to Amen Corner, where so many of the greats have played in past Masters Tournaments. I got the sense from hearing him talk that these weren’t just paintings of golf landscapes, they were pieces of golf history and lore, immortalized forever on canvas for the select few who can really appreciate just how much they truly mean.

Augusta Golf Pictures, The Perfect Gift For A Golf Fanatic!

After we looked at several of these, I actually began to worry about how I’d decide between them, but he had it all figured out. He told me that if I were “feeling really generous”, the one he might like most of all was a limited edition print by Marci Rule called “Golden Bell, 12th Hole”. This painting took us both by surprise when we first saw it. Marci Rule is a self-taught artist who has made a name for herself primarily by doing golf landscape paintings, and this is one where she really outdid herself. The light and shadow on the green at the Golden Bell, the toughest par-three in the world according to Jack Nicklaus, is just astonishing and you get a sense of both peace and excitement as you look at it.

Needless to say, we ordered it and let me tell you, we couldn’t be happier. The print arrived in perfect condition and was even more beautiful than it appeared on I could tell just from looking at the loving care that went not just into the painting but also the framing and packaging of it, that it was really something special, and John’s face told me this was a birthday gift he would treasure forever.

I can’t recommend enough. They even shipped the painting to us quickly, which was a surprise since we had picked the standard option of 3-7 business days. It looks like their site also offers 2nd day and overnight express shipping services as well, so they’re really serious about helping out people who are in a jam and need a great gift at the last minute. If you’re looking to commemorate a special occasion, or honor that special golf fan in your life, why not head over and see what they’ve got?