An Introduction to Golf Ball Technology

Golf ball technology has helped many golfers to select a golf ball easily. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, the continuous development in golf ball technology would help to stay competitive for a longer span of time. In fact, at present, there are several golf balls, which are manufactured using advanced golf ball technologies. You can pick a golf ball that is best suited for you. So, if you also want to know about recent golf technology factors that affect your game, then just read on.

Earlier selecting a golf ball was a bit easy. Golfer used to consider the characteristics of a golf ball when it moved from the golf tee. According to its performance, they selected the golf ball, which suited them. Usually, the selection of a ball was based on its distance covered and controllability feature. learn more about Golf types of equipment at

An Introduction to Golf Ball Technology

Golf Ball Specifications

However, with several breakthroughs in ball manufacturing technology, multi-layer balls have been introduced in the market. These have made the selection process complicated. A multi-layer ball like the Top-Flite Strata was introduced in the market around 1996. It offers more distance, however, in less spin. It has a softer cover so that it can provide better control on the putting greens. Titleist’s Pro V1 followed this ball shortly after in the year 2000. This ball had a solid core and was recognized as a distance ball. In the last decade, multi-layer balls like Titleist’s Next and Nike’s One have also come. Golf needs some metal training before jumping into the ground, learn more about Golfer Training by clicking here

Recent golf ball technology has introduced the technique of tracking a golf ball with help of a launch monitor. PGA Professionals and their club members used this launch monitor. The launch monitor was capable of chasing the golf ball from ‘impact’ to the ‘launch angle’. It could even follow the ball to the flight apex. Finally, the ball could be traced to the place from where it hits the ground. In fact, with this tracing science the ball’s roll out has significantly enhanced.

More recently, Doppler Radar is used to trail the distinctiveness of a ball’s flight. This allows a player to get the correct combination of loft and length just. After using this technology, golfers and professional players observed that they could strike longer shots with more loft on their drivers.

Presently, some professionals use 10.5 degrees of loft in a driver. However, earlier it was not so. Golf players believed that it would be always better if the loft on a driver was lesser. After the introduction of new golf technology, golfers realized that they could hit the ball farther with more loft as opposed to the earlier notion.

Golf Ball Inertia Technology

The very new technology termed as Inertia technology used to manufacture golf balls has created rage all over. This technology enables a ball to shift its weight onto the perimeter of the ball. It is only possible when a special kind of material is added to the surface of the ball.

Generally, the special material is added to the mantle and outer core of the ball. The special material helps to raise the level of moment of inertia (MOI), which consequently reduces the spin rate off the driver. It results in unparalleled distance coverage with better feel.

Tour i and Tour ix are the two popular golf balls that uses the Inertia technology. The engineers have constructed the balls with ‘perimeter weighting’. The core and mantle of the ball uses a special dense material that moves the weight of the ball from center to the perimeter of the golf ball. As the weight moves to the circumference of the ball, the moment of Inertia increases.

Golf Ball Technology Reviews

If you want to know about the recent golf ball technologies and want to understand whether these are useful or not, you can check out different reviews submitted by experts. Their golf ball technology reviews would help you to understand the technology well. Besides, their reviews would also contain critical assessment of the technology. So, you would get detailed information on recent technology and would be to compare with the prevailing technology used in golf balls.