7 Steps On How To Start An Seo Agency In Sydney

Although most business owners started with the ‘be your own boss’ idea, that can only be the initial mindset. When you start making the actual moves towards setting up the business, that initial idea will breed another one – becoming one of the most recognized in the industry. 

To start an SEO agency, whether, within Sydney or any part of Australia, you need to ask yourself these questions: why am I establishing an SEO agency? Am I ready to give it everything it takes to run my SEO agency? If you can provide honest answers to the above two questions, you are already on the path to success.  

SEO business requires a lot of hard work and technical know-how. Starting an SEO agency means you are creating a way to help other companies grow. Your goal is to make your clients relevant on various search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, and more. 

Are you ready for the ride?

Do you know what it means to create a business that helps other companies improve their visibility in every search result? It’s not a joke! I’m not trying to fright you, but you have to be ready to invest your best efforts to deliver the best result. 

As an SEO agency in Sydney, your core duty is to promote and grow website traffic and generate more leads or sales for local businesses in Sydney and other companies in other parts of the world. Hence, you need to partner with your clients to understand better what it means to integrate SEO into their daily operations. 

Gone are the days when entrepreneurs rely on radio and TV adverts to bring traffic to their business. In this modern age, everything goes online. 

Meanwhile, competition is high in the Sydney market. Hence, many businesses in Sydney strive to increase their visibility in every search result. This is where you come in as an SEO agency. 

Is SEO business profitable?

Of course! Starting an SEO agency in Sydney can make you continually smile at the bank. Though it’s a competitive business, you can remain at the forefront of the industry with honest, clear, and consistent communication.

More so, most SEO agencies in Sydney develop a long-term business relationship with their clients, lasting for several years. SEO marketing is not a one-off initiative; it’s an ongoing marketing strategy that requires following a process. 

Besides, SEO is in high demand. Many businesses now know the importance of getting found easily on Google ahead of other competitors in this post-pandemic era.

How to start an SEO agency in Sydney

Every year, Sydney’s competitive market is growing by 50%. That is a clear fact that the region is a ready market for SEO agencies. However, unfortunately, the SEO business is equally competitive as several SEO agencies continually spring up in every corner in Sydney.

How do you start an SEO agency that stands out from the crowd? Let’s start by breaking the setup process into actionable steps.

Step 1: Get a Lawyer and an Accountant

Before you begin operation, it is essential that you first hire a lawyer and an accountant. These two learned experts will help you figure out what your business needs to operate legally and effectively. Like every other place worldwide, your lawyer will give you adequate information regarding what you should do to work in compliance with the Sydney business laws and ethics. Your accountant will also provide you timely and detailed advice on banking, insurance, and taxes from the start.  Click here to read about 5 Improvements From Covert Seo, Sydney In 2021

Step 2: Create a business website for your SEO agency 

How can you make a website rank on Google without having one? The best means to promote an online business is to have an active online presence. You can create a business website for your SEO business with WordPress. Most people regard it as the best content management system for SEO. 

Meanwhile, your website doesn’t have to look clumsy or complicated. Easy-to-use is the key to success. A good SEO agency business website should clearly outline most business problems and working solutions. That’s an excellent way to stand out from the crowd and convert every visitor to a prospective client. 

Bear in mind that several SEO agencies are out there, so be dynamic enough to write creative website content that appeals to your visitors. Also, make sure that you include a compelling call to action on every page. 

Step 3: Get the right SEO Toolbox 

Having a correct and updated set of SEO tools will make your service more efficient and streamlined. It will also save you valuable time and enable you to give more attention to taking your business to the next level. 

The following are free tools that should be part of your toolset:

  • Google Analytics: To measure your website performance and visitors’ data.
  • Google Search Console: To determine trending keywords that drive traffic from organic searches and update you about how search engine crawlers navigate your website. 
  • Google My Business: To emphasize any essential data such as location, phone number, and operating hours on Google. 
  • Keyword research tool and ranking software: These are essential for effective SEO.

Step 4: Create a Pricing Model 

You must have a pricing system that your agency will follow consistently. It gives your clients a good impression that you can deliver excellent SEO services through a process. Creating a pricing model will also help you streamline your sales process.

Step 5: Get a winning SEO Proposal Template

Having a ready best standard SEO proposal on the ground will help your agency covert more leads and get more clients quickly. It also saves time throughout the whole sales process. 

A winning SEO Proposal should include: 

  • An introduction 
  • Statement of the problem 
  • Strategy 
  • Project outline 
  • Pricing & Timeline 
  • Contract

Step 6: Test Your Services 

Before you reach out to other businesses to help them stay on every search list, it is good first to implement your business website’s services. No one wants to work with an SEO agency whose website struggles to shine on Google. So, if you claim you rank other people’s business, do it for your business first. Improving your business website Google visibility will also make it easier for your prospective clients to find you online. That will make you one of the top-rated SEO agencies in Sydney.

Step 7: Measure Your Results 

As a new SEO agency in Sydney, you must work with several local businesses to gather positive reviews and showcase your immediate environment’s result.


Creating an SEO agency in Sydney is a challenging task. You only have to be ready to give it all your best and operate to the highest standard possible. SEO business is lucrative and competitive like every other business. Top-notch skills and up-to-date SEO Tools will make your operations easy and stand out.