Golf Travel Cases Will Protect Your Clubs

With these beautiful new golf resorts popping up all over the world our urge to travel is ever increasing. Along with that urge comes the need to protect your equipment. Golf travel cases will do precisely that. Whether you’re traveling by airline or by car, anything can happen so you need to protect your investment.

Golf clubs are awkward and heavy to lug around – especially when you’ve already got other luggage to carry like golf balls. These great travel cases can make your life easier if you get the proper kind.

They’re a must have for any golfer who wants to take their clubs with them. Let’s face it, rental clubs are truly out of the question because they’re just not the same as your own.

Here are few simple but critical things to look for in a car or airline golf travel case .

Golf Travel Cases Will Protect Your Clubs

The Construction

This aspect can vary considerably depending on if you are looking for a hard or soft travel case. The harder exterior ones are better for airline travel because they can take a lot of abuse while you are on the plane. They tend to cost a little more money but are well worth it to protect your investment since you can’t see what they go through during on and offboarding.

The softer ones are perfect for car travel because they are a little more flexible. They are usually a lot better for storage once you are at your destination because they fold down into a nice compact form. You have to make sure that both these types of golf travel cases have a fully padded interior from top to bottom to avoid potential damage to your clubs. Also, make sure that is easily accessible with double zippers or latches that open from top to bottom. Check for rugged double stitching on the softer ones. Try also to get ones that have an I.D. window at the top along with a small padlock.

Pockets and Storage

If you can find one with lots of additional storage you don’t have to put everything in your other luggage pieces. They should have recessed shoe pockets that can also be locked to help keep the clubs snug during travel. Outside clothing pockets are also available on most models. Just try to make sure that they are expandable for maximum storage. All zippers should have padlock tabs for secure closing. The case should have some sort of an inside security strap that helps prevent the bag from moving too much during transport. suggested reading

Wheels and Carry Systems

Make sure that that your golf travel cases have some sort of wheels on the bottom. These should be made of a durable polymer or even inline skate wheels that are basically indestructible. This is very important because the last thing you want is to have a wheel break forcing you to carry your bag. Also, make sure that the bottom of the bag is either a hard vinyl or plastic that won’t leak and can take some abuse. This should allow the bag to stand upright.

The carry system should have handles on the top and bottom along with the side of the bag to aid in getting it in and out of the car. These handles need to be a minimum of double stitched or bolted to the case itself to ensure they don’t break. You should also have a durable shoulder strap or pulling handle that is adjustable for easy transportation.

For those of you who like to carry your clubs instead of pulling them on wheels make sure you look for something that’s lightweight. Try to stay away from the big heavy full leather carry cases Do your best to find something synthetic that breathes and is flexible that doesn’t weigh a ton. You’ll thank me later when your back doesn’t hurt once you’re on the golf course.Check out all your golf travel cases here!

One other thing to remember, make sure that no matter what you buy, it has to be water-resistant. Along with all these other important tips should help make your experience more enjoyable. Whether you need a hard airline golf travel case or a number of soft golf travel cases for the family in the car all these tips will help you avoid any unnecessary mishaps on your next vacation.

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