Golf Travel Cases Will Protect Your Clubs

With these beautiful new golf resorts popping up all over the world our urge to travel is ever increasing. Along with that urge comes the need to protect your equipment. Golf travel cases will do precisely that. Whether you’re traveling by airline or by car, anything can happen so you need to protect your investment.

Golf clubs are awkward and heavy to lug around – especially when you’ve already got other luggage to carry like golf balls. These great travel cases can make your life easier if you get the proper kind.

They’re a must have for any golfer who wants to take their clubs with them. Let’s face it, rental clubs are truly out of the question because they’re just not the same as your own.

Here are few simple but critical things to look for in a car or airline golf travel case .

Golf Travel Cases Will Protect Your Clubs

The Construction

This aspect can vary considerably depending on if you are looking for a hard or soft travel case. The harder exterior ones are better for airline travel because they can take a lot of abuse while you are on the plane. They tend to cost a little more money but are well worth it to protect your investment since you can’t see what they go through during on and offboarding.

The softer ones are perfect for car travel because they are a little more flexible. They are usually a lot better for storage once you are at your destination because they fold down into a nice compact form. You have to make sure that both these types of golf travel cases have a fully padded interior from top to bottom to avoid potential damage to your clubs. Also, make sure that is easily accessible with double zippers or latches that open from top to bottom. Check for rugged double stitching on the softer ones. Try also to get ones that have an I.D. window at the top along with a small padlock.

Pockets and Storage

If you can find one with lots of additional storage you don’t have to put everything in your other luggage pieces. They should have recessed shoe pockets that can also be locked to help keep the clubs snug during travel. Outside clothing pockets are also available on most models. Just try to make sure that they are expandable for maximum storage. All zippers should have padlock tabs for secure closing. The case should have some sort of an inside security strap that helps prevent the bag from moving too much during transport. suggested reading

Wheels and Carry Systems

Make sure that that your golf travel cases have some sort of wheels on the bottom. These should be made of a durable polymer or even inline skate wheels that are basically indestructible. This is very important because the last thing you want is to have a wheel break forcing you to carry your bag. Also, make sure that the bottom of the bag is either a hard vinyl or plastic that won’t leak and can take some abuse. This should allow the bag to stand upright.

The carry system should have handles on the top and bottom along with the side of the bag to aid in getting it in and out of the car. These handles need to be a minimum of double stitched or bolted to the case itself to ensure they don’t break. You should also have a durable shoulder strap or pulling handle that is adjustable for easy transportation.

For those of you who like to carry your clubs instead of pulling them on wheels make sure you look for something that’s lightweight. Try to stay away from the big heavy full leather carry cases Do your best to find something synthetic that breathes and is flexible that doesn’t weigh a ton. You’ll thank me later when your back doesn’t hurt once you’re on the golf course.Check out all your golf travel cases here!

One other thing to remember, make sure that no matter what you buy, it has to be water-resistant. Along with all these other important tips should help make your experience more enjoyable. Whether you need a hard airline golf travel case or a number of soft golf travel cases for the family in the car all these tips will help you avoid any unnecessary mishaps on your next vacation.

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Golf Shirts Maketh The Golfer!

Which golf shirts are for you?

The technology of today has had an amazing impact on contemporary golf shirts. The new synthetic technical fabrics that are used by the companies making the shirts have made a huge difference in both the men’s and women’s markets.

How do you ask?

Well, they have all these different lightweight blends that can breath and stretch. A lot of them are also water resistant and even filter out the suns harmful rays.

Each company has it’s own technology that wicks away the moisture from the body.

But the bottom line comes down to how do you defeat the heat and humidity while maintaining a commitment to style and performance.Click here for some great deals on golf shirts

Golf Shirts Maketh The Golfer!

The two main concerns for manufacturers:

The main concerns of the golf apparel companies is how do you make the shirts with the best ultraviolet protection while letting the moisture escape. The shirts must be porous enough to allow the moisture to exit and be evaporated yet opaque enough to block the suns harmful rays. This is a never ending battle as to whose system works the best. I guess you just have to try them out.To find out more about your favorite shirt companies please click below:

AdidasPoloCutter & BuckNike
Greg NormanBobby JonesLacosteTommy Bahama

Long gone are the days of the big oversized shirts needed for easy movement. Today’s shirts have lycra and other flexible fabrics that stretch with the golfer’s body while offering a more athletic look and feel. Click here to learn more about golf products.

One of the neatest and I think smartest things the companies have done is move the seams on the shirts. They have moved the seams down more towards the chest of the player. This helps to keep them from interfering with the swing and irritating the shoulders of the golfers carrying their bags.

Golf Shirts Maketh The Golfer!

The future of golf shirts is unknown but the companies are leaning toward “smart” fabrics already used in gloves and hats. These fabrics have their own personal thermostat that makes them cooler when it\s hot and warmer when it’s cold. That will be neat to see.

Golf shirts are a great lightweight way to enjoy the game you love to play. They are available in all sorts of different colors and all different sizes for men and women. Because all golf courses require that you wear a collared shirt or pullover top, they are an essential part of every golfers wardrobe.

Featured Merchants

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Selecting the Right Golf Balls Is Critical To Succeeding At The Game of Golf

Today’s golf balls are like treasure chests packed full of different types of technology and performance tricks. This is the piece of equipment that has made the biggest difference in the game.

Some people say the balls made today fly to far and straight, and even make some courses to easy to play.

Just like your clubs, golf balls must fit the golfer. As a player it’s our job to match the ball that best compliments our specific swing and style of play.

You will also have the accessories that go along with the balls such as the practice shag bags, ball retrievers, and ball mark repair tools.

Choosing the right ball

Two-piece ball

This ball is commonly known as the distance ball. It’s best suited for the less experienced player and is very strong. It’s designed to create topspin as well as adding extra distance. It isn’t as easy to control around the green and won’t spin as much, but it releases nicely towards the hole. These balls are becoming softer and are giving golfers with slower swing speeds more distance than ever.

Three-piece ball

This ball is used by the low to a mid handicapper as well as the pros. This type of ball has a soft yet durable urethane cover, a thin mantle or middle layer, and a rubber inner core. It has a good soft feel, responds well to spin, and puts really well. It has some good distance. These balls are a little more expensive and are for people with faster clubhead speeds.

Four-piece ball

These balls have the same basic makeup as the three-piece balls but also have a second firm mantle layer. This extra layer transfers extra energy at impact into the core for a more low spin distance. These balls are made only for players with exceptionally high clubhead speed.

  • Cover
    the outer surface of a golf ball, made of urethane
    these covers are virtually indestructible
  • Dimples
    small markings on the outer cover, 300-500 of them
    controls the aerodynamics for lower or higher trajectory
  • Core
    solid rubber center that makes up the main part of a golf ball
    this piece helps control the distance

Golf Ball Types


This type of ball is made to jump off the face of the club at an excessive speed which results in extra distance. You would use this ball if you’re looking to get that extra 10 to 20 yards off the tee and aren’t as concerned with the control around the greens.


This ball flyes with a higher tragectory allowing it to stop better with optimum backspin on the greens. This ball is used by the low handicappers and pros willing to sacrifice a little distance to get a quicker stopping result.


This ball is for anyone who needs help trying to eliminate those nasty hooks, slices and balooning shots. These balls have a little less spin (top and side) and allow for more control on windy days.
Let’s pick a ball for you…

  • 1) Make an honest assesment of your golf game and ability level.
  • 2) If you’re a person who can really benefit from those extra yards off the tee, or if you just really love to hit the ball a long way then we reccomend a two-piece distance ball.
  • 3) If you’re a more serious golfer who likes to try to work the ball and gain more control of your game without worrying about distance then we strongly reccomend the three-piece ball with softer feel.
  • 4) If you’re a very low handicapper or a professional you can also benefit from a four-piece ball.

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Introducing Golf Wedge Bounce…What You Need To Know

Great players understand the importance of wedge play. They also recognize golf wedge bounce as a key factor in their short game. If they are fitted correctly and use it effectively it almost guarantees them lower scores.

Bounce is the angle that is made by the metal built-up on the sole of the club and the front edge of the club. This is known as the golf wedge bounce angle.

Players can use this to their advantage by matching the amount bounce on their wedges to the grass and soil conditions of their home or favorite courses they like to play. They must also match this club set up to their individual styles of swings.As a general rule of thumb if you play on a course with a harder turf and firmer sand in the traps you should be using wedges with less bounce. The lower amount of bounce will help the clubs leading edge dig down easier into the turf and through the rest of the shot.

On the contrary, if you play golf on a course with softer turf conditions and fluffy sand then you should be using wedges with a little more bounce as this will help prevent the club from digging too deeply into the ground thus causing the dreaded fat shot

Introducing Golf Wedge Bounce...What You Need To Know

In terms of selecting your golf clubs to suit the style of your swing there is also a general rule to follow. Golfers with a steeper or more upright swings will tend to do better with a little more golf wedge bounce because it will prevent their clubs from digging too deep in the ground on the downswing.(also known as “Diggers”) On the other hand those players who have a flatter, more sweeping swing will fare better with wedges with a little less bounce. This will help avoid skidding off the ground with the club and making contact with the middle of the ball. This is other wise known to golfers as skulling or blading a shot. (known as “Sweepers”)

If you aren’t sure which category you fall into there’s a simple way to find out. Just go to your local driving range or practice area and hit a few balls with your higher lofted clubs. Then take a look at your divots and use Mother Nature as your own form of technology. If you’re taking long deep divots this is a sign of a digger. If you’re taking thin shallow or even no divots at all then this is a sign of a sweeper.

Once you recognize your swing type and course conditions it is fairly simple to decide on the amount of golf wedge bounce angle that you need. With this information you or you local pro should be able to fit your wedges perfectly to your game and you’ll be on your way to shooting lower scores.

Golf Shoes Are Perhaps The Most Important of All Golf Apparel

There is a saying that the shoes make the person and this adage bears a special significance when it comes to the game of golf. The right golf shoes add so much to your game and it is absolutely essential to spend some time choosing shoes that are best suited for you. Any store that sells golf footwear will be able to explain the ins and outs of golf shoes to you, but if you are well-informed before you head to the store, you will know what to look for and will be in the best position to find the perfect pair of shoes at the perfect price.

Golf Shoes Are Perhaps The Most Important of All Golf Apparel

Taking Advantage of Advanced Technology in Golf Shoes

Golf shoes no longer heavy and ungainly as before. Many of the newer shoes have been designed in such away that they actually allow you to pack more power into your swing while at the same time making long walks across the green a pleasant, even relaxing experience with their innovative massaging insoles.

Much of the power in your swing comes from your stance, and having the right kind of soles on your golf shoes ensures that there is no slippage that could result in loss of power. The soles must also be designed to handle golf spikes and the kind of spikes that are best varies from person to person.

Recognition of the fact that golfers are athletes too has led to golf shoe designs that are more comfortable using breathable materials, as well as high-quality leather that is waterproofed.

It is actually quite odd when you stop to think how long it took for waterproof golf shoes to become readily available. Hardcore golfers will be on the green rain or shine and it is necessary to have a shoe that can handle a wet course. Now it is almost impossible to find a golf shoe that is not waterproof, definitely one of those great pluses that have developed over time.

A Golf Shoe Is the Sum of Its Parts

Since that is the case, it is important to identify the different parts of the golf shoe and explain what you should be looking for as you purchase a new pair based on your specific golfing needs:

Laces – Now you may be thinking, “Seriously… laces”, but if you have ever experienced the rather unsettling feeling that you are about to come out of your golf shoes right in the middle of a power swing, then you understand that the right laces are an integral part of a good golf shoe. There are some interesting options out there, from standard laces to my personal favorite, the Boa Lacing System, which uses adjustable steel micro-cables and a proven dial system to ensure that your shoot fits perfectly for every swing, for the entire round. you can learn some more details about Golfing technologies at

Soles – The right kind of soles on a golf shoe provide the necessary stabilization to make sure that the full power of every swing is imparted to the ball and not lost somewhere in between. A sculpted outsole provides the ultimate amount of leverage and the most comfortable fit. The sole also does much to determine how comfortable the shoe is while walking the course, and aflexible sole made of durable material, for example the ReelFit high-performance TCU outsole, will provide the best fit and the most comfort.

Golf Spikes – Golf spikes also determine the comfort of a golf shoe to a large degree. The fact that golf is played on grass and quite often wet grass, dictates that golf spikes are necessary. In this area to technology has made great advances. From the days or purely steel spikes we have moved on to adjustable plastic cleats that allow you to fine tune the cleat with adjustable comfort settings. These are the kind of golf spikes that the pros use because they know that every technological advantage that has come to the game can be used to their benefit, so if you want to hit like a pro you need to check out the golf spikes that the pros use.

Material – Gone are the days where saddle shoes were the only option for the avid golfer. Now, I am personally a big fan of the saddle shoe, but I reserve my pair solely for casual wear these days. On the course there are much nicer options and the basic rundown of material possibilities looks like this: calfskin, nubuck, full-grain leather, oil-tanned nubuck and synthetic. Full-grain leather provides the most traditional look in my humble opinion, and nothing compares to the way full-grain leather wears over time to fit your foot perfectly. Having said that; many of the newest golf shoes merge hybrid versions of materials from all these families. Make sure that you know the material that your shoe is made from so that you can maintain it properly.

Insoles – I am a foot person, so I think that feet should be well-cared for and an important part to accomplishing that goal is to where shoes that are fitted to your feet. In most cases this means buying insoles. If you decide to purchase a higher-end golf shoe you can often get it custom fitted to your feet. On the less expensive end of things you may need to purchase an insole designed for golf shoes and fitted to the particulars of your feet. Golf shoe inserts can help keep your feet steady during your swing, and ensure that you have enough stamina to last all 18 holes. Another great plus is that some retailers offer discount prices on inserts when you buy a pair of golf shoes.

For Those Who Love Sand Traps – Golf Sandals

There is a school of thought that it is alright to golf in sandals and while I do not prescribe to that school of thought I do believe in being completely informative, so I fell compelled to point out that there are golf sandals and they can be worn on most courses, and I suppose if it is really hot outside it is nice to have air on your feet. I always think of how unfortunate it would be to have something drop on your poor toes if you were wearing golf sandals, but if you do choose to go that route remember the same things you should look for in a good pair of golf shoes, except laces, you should look for in golf sandals.

If you have added a new club to your collection every year but still wear the same shoes from decades ago, it is definitely time to upgrade. You may be surprised just how much your golf game benefits from the advances in golf shoe technology.

The IZOD Golf Shirt

Who hasn’t heard of an IZOD golf shirt?

The name IZOD has been around a long time in the world of apparel. It was in 1951 that the IZOD golf shirt really took off and was being warned by a number of celebrities and big-name sportsmen. The company has been going strong ever since; even after being taken over by Phillips-Van-Heusen in 1995

IZOD and IZOD Club are proud sponsors of the PGA and LPGA as well as the large number of American golfers who play golf and live the golfing lifestyle. Because of this they have become known as one of the greatest knit shirts in history.

The IZOD Golf Shirt

The IZOD golf shirt has an interesting marketing stature behind it. It uses new modern and youthful influences balanced with classics form the past in all their designs. This makes for a totally unique look in the shirt. When you tie this in with the high quality of these casual fashions you can’t do anything but love them.

What are they about?

G-Cool Technology

* Technologically advanced yarns that draw moisture away from the body.
* This helps to keep you cool and dry on those hot days.
* The shirts are all pre-washed and totally breathable.
* They offer SPF 40 protection from the sun.
* They have short open sleeves so as not to restrict your swing.
* And finally they have these really cool side vents for airflow under the shirt.

Personally I find these shirts to be really lightweight and smooth on your skin. They feel a little like silk and have a flow to them that will remind you of that. The IZOD shirts are also known for their vast array of bright colors that they are available in.

So if you want to feel good look great and hope fully play better go out and get yourself one of the most recognizable names in sportswear and try and IZOD golf shirt.

Gap Wedges Will Fill The Holes In Your Short Game

What are gap wedges?

The average golfer will have a pitching wedge that they hit 110-125 yards and a sand wedge that they hit approx 80-90 yards leaving about 20 yards in between. Introducing gap wedges. They do exactly as their name leads you to believe, they fill the gap between your sand and pitching wedge. Instead of hitting a hard sand wedge or letting up with a soft pitching wedge which is both hard to do consistently, you can now have a nice full swing that is easily hit with a golf gap wedge.

In the 1990s golf irons took a huge jump in technology allowing each irons distance to travel farther than before. This left a huge whole in between certain clubs. This is when the gap wedges or attack wedges were born. They have a pretty big range of different lofts from 46 to 54 degrees. The clubs in this lower degree level 46 to 49 will have very little to no bounce on the bottom.(also known as no flange) These are often called approach wedges and are mainly hit form the fairways and hard lies.

Gap Wedges Will Fill The Holes In Your Short Game

The clubs in the higher loft range 50 to 54 degrees will have a little to a lot of bounce depending on the manufacturer. They can be hit from the fairway like an approach wedge or from the bunker to get the ball out of the sand similar to the sand wedge. This club is also very useful from the deep rough and soft fairways because of the extra metal on the bottom of the club. These clubs are often labeled the dual wedge. learn more about Golf equipment at

The trajectory of these clubs varies a little from club to club but generally, they fly very high with a little more distance than the sand wedges. Because of the late introduction of these types of golf wedges, they don’t come with sets of irons and have to be purchased separately from your local golf retailer. You can find them almost anywhere.

When choosing your new gap wedge it’s important to know the different lofts on your other wedges so you can space them as evenly as possible. You don’t want a PW at 46 degrees, a GAP at 48 degrees, and an SW at 54 degrees because it wouldn’t help you very much. The gap should be at 50 degrees for that situation 4 degrees apart. Get one of these new gap wedges so you can attack the course.

New Golf Product For 2021

Well, here is the new golf product for 2021. At the beginning of every year golfers far and wide can’t wait to see what new equipment is coming out to help them drive it further, hit it closer and sink more putts.

Personally, I love the anticipation and can’t wait to try the new golf product that arrives at the start of every new season. Maybe that’s just a hope that summer is coming soon.

All the excitement usually begins with the PGA Merchandise Show at the end of January. It’s usually the unofficial launch for all the manufacturers to introduce their new types of equipment.

It’s also when the first golf product review hits the newspapers, magazines and the internet. Golf Digest Magazine puts out one of the most extensive and in-depth ratings of all. They call it their Hot List.

With all the equipment on the market to choose from the burning question at this time of year from almost every golfer is what should I buy?” It’s a perfectly legitimate and difficult question as golfers of all types will try any new product or technology to make this difficult game easier.

Golfers are always looking for ways to improve their game. Golf equipment is always the first place you should start. The way that technology is moving ahead in such leaps and bounds it’s sometimes overwhelming as to what you should be using for your game. We hope this makes things simpler and more comfortable for you.

Let’s get down to business by giving you a place to start. This list should help your quest for the holy golf grail. (You may still need the golf gods every once in a while) We’ve broken your new golf product choices down into different major categories such as: drivers, irons, wedges, fairway woods, hybrids, putters and balls. There are a number of different suggestions in each category, but ultimately you have to make the final decision.

golf drivers for 2021
golf irons for 2021
fairway woods for 2021
hybrids clubs for 2021
wedges for 2021
putters for 2021
golf balls for 2021

Click on the different equipment categories above that suit your respective needs. Take a look at what is suggested and read the ratings about the different equipment. We hope that you enjoy the selections and find exactly what you’re looking for. Keep it on the short grass!

A Tabasco Golf Shirt Will Give you Some Spice

A Tabasco Golf Shirt will add spice to your game.

Tabasco is one of the world’s best known brand’s that has been recognized for its unique quality for over 125 years. In the last little while the company has hooked up with Chiliwear (appropriately named) to develop a line of golf apparel now known as the Tabasco golf shirt.

The Tabasco image and quality has been transferred over to this fine collection of men’s golf shirts adding a distinctive and special touch that the Tabasco name is known for.

Just as Tabasco sauce adds some spice to your food, Tabasco apparel by Chiliwear will add spice to your golf game. Here are some of their different collections:

A Tabasco Golf Shirt Will Give you Some Spice

Resort Collection –

These great shirts are made in two styles of fabric; a cotton rayon blend, or 100% cotton sateen. They have greatly accented wood buttons in the shape of little coconuts along with a stylish chest pocket on each shirt. These resort shirts are unique and elegant and offer a number of different scenic resort-type views that keep you relaxed and comfortable.

Pique Knit 

These golf shirts are made from 100% baby pique cotton knits and are printed with a very unique and distinctive style.

Scenic Collection –

They offer a moisture-wicking blended cotton/polyester jersey. This shirt is designed to breathe and add comfort. It pulls moisture away from the skin, dries quickly, and maintains an even body temperature that is not hot or cold. This will also ensure comfort and durability for years to come.

Most Tabasco golf shirts have a three button placket, open sleeves, vented hem, and the Tabasco logo embroidered on the collar. They are known as wild and colorful fun shirts with some even being truly patriotic.

The Tabasco golf shirt is warn by some of the biggest stars in the game of golf such as: Scott HochKenny PerryKirk TriplettWoody AustinSteve Pate, and J.L. Lewis.

If you want to have fun in a top-quality golf shirt then these Tabasco golf shirts are for you. Take a laid-back ride and get yourself one of these great wild and scenic shirts. Check out the great scenic US Flag Polo!

Get A Golf Ball Shag Bag Now!

Any golfer looking to improve needs to get a golf ball shag bag. It doesn’t matter if you have a driving range at your home course or not you still need to practice your approach shots and short game around the greens. This little innovative piece of equipment makes things a lot easier to pick up and store the golf balls you use during practice.

Get A Golf Ball Shag Bag Now!

These great little bags are skinny and cylindrical in shape. They stand about two feet tall and have a small little tube (usually metal) that runs the full way down the center of the bag. It’s just a little wider than a golf ball and has three or four flexible little metal teeth at the bottom or one end so the balls don’t fall out. The top part of the tube is covered with the actual bag part of this tool that holds the golf balls in it. There is a small zipper that runs down the side of the bag so you can empty the balls out when you’re ready to use them.

What about the balls you ask? Well, just use the old balls in your bag or the ones you’ve found around the course. Golfers will often refer to a found ball that is in bad shape as a “shag ball” and will use it in their shag bag. You can also go to any store and get some refurbished golf balls really cheap to put in the bag if you don’t have enough old ones kicking around.

What you do with the golf ball shag bag is pick up your golf balls after you’re finished practicing or hitting them. The top part of the bag will have a handle that you hold on to as you walk around picking up your balls. You simply go over to one of your balls, position the bottom of the tube on top of the ball, and simply push down slightly until you hear the ball click and go into the tube. Go over to the next ball and do the same thing until they’re all picked up. It’s as easy as that, no effort or bending over to gather them up. The balls will start piling on top of each other and climbing up the tube. As they reach the top of the tube they’ll flow over the top and down into the bag.

Golf ball shag bags are very simple to transport as they aren’t very heavy. They hold about 50 golf balls on average depending on what size bag you get. They fit easily into the trunk of your car, or the bottom of your locker (if you’re lucky enough to have one) at your golf club. So golfers will even keep them with their clubs if they have club storage at their respective clubs. Since a lot of golf clubs (specially the older ones) don’t have a driving range these little practice bags come in real handy for practicing short irons or your short game. They’re also great if you just want to warm up by hitting a few balls before a round without having to go to an offsite range.

There are a number of different types and styles of golf ball shag bags but they’re all meant to do the same thing. You can also get them in a number of different colors to match any other equipment you already have like your golf bag. It’s very important to make sure you put your name on your bag with a permanent marker or some other device as soon as you get it so it doesn’t get lost. There are so many of them around and they all look very similar and you don’t want to set it down when you’re getting a drink or a quick bite to eat and accidentally forget about it.

Simply put these golf ball shag bags are great to have around. They will make your practice sessions easier and quick so you don’t waste any time. After all, every one has so little time to practice it’s important to use your time wisely. If you don’t have one of these bags yet, go out and get one and watch your game improve with practice.