Golf Range Finders Take the Guesswork Out of Your Game

Imagine being out on the course and seeking more than anything to improve your game. You’ve selected the best apparel, the best clubs for your play style, and familiarized yourself with the lay of the land. In addition, you’ve been practicing your drive, your controlled shot, and even your putt religiously. Still, you wind up, take your swing, and find that the ball falls far short of where you intended it to. What’s the one element you’re missing out on in preparing for the game? That’s right – a golf range finder!

Many players are using golf range finders nowadays to help them improve upon one of the most difficult and trying aspects of the game: accurately estimating the number of yards a shot needs to travel to make it to the green. In the past, players have used all kinds of tricks from using club-lengths to atmospheric cues or landmarks to help estimate distance, but each of these methods is fallible and produces unreliable results. For the player who wants a specific and accurate reading of just how hard they should be hitting the ball, or how far they should expect the ball to travel on one swing, a range finder is critical.

You might say, however, that you don’t see a lot of pros using range finders. This is true. However, notice this: the pros do have caddies whose entire job is to estimate yardage and help them to accurately pick the right club for each stroke. Since most amateur players aren’t so fortunate, a range finder such as the Sky Golf SG5 GPS SkyCaddie  unit or a Golf Buddy Pro Tour GPS  can help close this gap and at the same time, teach you more about how to accurately judge distances and become a more reliable player.

Range finders work by using GPS systems to accurately triangulate a golfer’s current position in relation to the desired location (the hole)… just like the navigation system in your car! Any time you’re trying to judge a shot, simply use the range finder and within seconds, you’ll know within the yard how far you are from the hole. Some models like the Bushnell Pinseeker 1500  can even accurately tell you the slope between you and the target! With this information at your disposal, you can’t help but become a better golfer.

Just why is knowing the distance and slope to a hole so critical? If you know these two variables, you can compare them to what you know about your own clubs, and make an accurate selection of which club to use and how much power to put behind your swing. For instance, if you knew that the hole was between 95 and 125 yards away, and slightly uphill, you’d know that you wanted to use a gap wedge with a higher degree of loft. Relying on your eyes alone, you might well make a mistake here, one that will cost you excess strokes in order to fix.

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