A Golf Umbrella Will Always Keep You Dry

A Golf Umbrella Will Always Keep You Dry

The golf umbrella is a piece of equipment that every player must have in their bags. Since the great game of golf is played totally out of doors, you are at the mercy of mother nature.

You never know what is going to happen so you have to be prepared. That is why it is essential to have a good golf umbrella. Here are 5 simple tips to help you find the perfect one. Use these and you can’t go wrong.

1. Be at Least 60 Inches Wide

Try to get the largest umbrella you can find let alone handle. The bigger and wider the cover the more area it shield from the weather. Especially for those who walk the course and carry their own bags. You also want to keep as much of your equipment dry as possible.

2. Wind Tested

Make sure the umbrella is able to withstand incredibly high winds. Check to see that it has a double canopy or another form of open air slots. This is so that the air can flow through the vents and prevent it form inverting or turning inside out. It will also prevent from being pulled across the fairway should a sudden gust of wind kick up.

3. Fiberglass Shaft

This material is important to allow a little flex or movement in the shaft during blustery weather. It’s also safer then having a steel shaft should there be any lightening in the area when you are making your way back to the clubhouse.

4. Colorful or Imprinted

Find a stylish and bright colored one that catches your eye or has a look that you like. You may also look for an imprinted golf umbrella with a cool logo you like or represent. (Favorite sports team) The main thing is to make sure that it’s visible to other golfers during the darker overcast conditions.

5. Plastic Stake

Make sure your new golf umbrella has a long plastic stake at the top end. This is mainly so you can stick one end into the turf when you are going to hit your shot. It helps to prevent it from blowing away when you set it down.

The golf umbrellas made today come in all sorts of colours and styles. They are very durable and will stand up to all the elements. Here are a few great ones that we suggest…

Cleveland GustBuster Umbrellas

The quality and value that you’ve come to expect from Cleveland golf clubs extends to their new 2004 models. Manufactured especially for Cleveland by GustBuster, this one is designed and wind tunnel tested to not blow inside out, even in gale-force winds! Just like the ones you see on the pro tours.

Nike Windsheer Umbrellas

This great model is made to prevent inverting during a storm or high winds and is tested to not turn inside out. It allows the wind to pass through the umbrella but still keeps the rain out. They are made with a fiberglass shaft and have a push button opening system that allows for simple operation. Check these ones out.

Mizuno Umbrellas

These great models are a winning combination of style and function. They are extra large in size and offer great protection from the elements. They feature a double canopy feature that will not turn inside out even in the strongest winds. Mizuno umbrellas are lightweight and come in two different colours.

Golf Umbrellas, Buy Them Online!

In todays busy world, buying your golf equipment has become alot easier. There are several very good online stores that will cater to your exact needs and deliver the purchase right to your front door.

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