Golf Shirts Maketh The Golfer!

Which golf shirts are for you?

The technology of today has had an amazing impact on contemporary golf shirts. The new synthetic technical fabrics that are used by the companies making the shirts have made a huge difference in both the men’s and women’s markets.

How do you ask?

Well, they have all these different lightweight blends that can breath and stretch. A lot of them are also water resistant and even filter out the suns harmful rays.

Each company has it’s own technology that wicks away the moisture from the body.

But the bottom line comes down to how do you defeat the heat and humidity while maintaining a commitment to style and performance.Click here for some great deals on golf shirts

Golf Shirts Maketh The Golfer!

The two main concerns for manufacturers:

The main concerns of the golf apparel companies is how do you make the shirts with the best ultraviolet protection while letting the moisture escape. The shirts must be porous enough to allow the moisture to exit and be evaporated yet opaque enough to block the suns harmful rays. This is a never ending battle as to whose system works the best. I guess you just have to try them out.To find out more about your favorite shirt companies please click below:

AdidasPoloCutter & BuckNike
Greg NormanBobby JonesLacosteTommy Bahama

Long gone are the days of the big oversized shirts needed for easy movement. Today’s shirts have lycra and other flexible fabrics that stretch with the golfer’s body while offering a more athletic look and feel. Click here to learn more about golf products.

One of the neatest and I think smartest things the companies have done is move the seams on the shirts. They have moved the seams down more towards the chest of the player. This helps to keep them from interfering with the swing and irritating the shoulders of the golfers carrying their bags.

Golf Shirts Maketh The Golfer!

The future of golf shirts is unknown but the companies are leaning toward “smart” fabrics already used in gloves and hats. These fabrics have their own personal thermostat that makes them cooler when it\s hot and warmer when it’s cold. That will be neat to see.

Golf shirts are a great lightweight way to enjoy the game you love to play. They are available in all sorts of different colors and all different sizes for men and women. Because all golf courses require that you wear a collared shirt or pullover top, they are an essential part of every golfers wardrobe.

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